Breast Pumping Positions: What You Need to Know for Maximum Milk Supply

Breast Pumping Positions: What You Need to Know for Maximum Milk Supply

Text/Picture: Dr Blue, Founder of J&J Baby, PhD in Educational Psychology, Lactation Counselor, Former Chemist

Are you a breastfeeding mom juggling the demands of daily life while using a breast pump? Understanding the right pumping positions is vital for an effective and comfortable pumping experience. In this guide, we'll explore these positions and delve into why they matter. Plus, we'll introduce you to innovative solutions, like the IMANI breast pump, that allow you to pump on the go.


As a breastfeeding mother, optimizing your breast pumping routine is essential for maintaining a healthy milk supply and ensuring your baby receives the nutrition they need. In this article, we'll discuss the dos and don'ts of breast pumping positions and how they impact your pumping efficiency and comfort.

Can You Breast Pump While Lying Down, Bending, or Leaning?

One common question that arises is whether it's possible to breast pump while in various positions. Let's address these positions individually:

Lying Down: We strongly advise against pumping while sleeping or lying down. This recommendation stems from the fact that milk behaves like water, flowing downhill due to gravity. Pumping while lying down may lead to milk flowing into the pump machine, potentially causing damage. Furthermore, when you pump while sleeping, your breasts remain under passive suction until the latch is broken, which can exert additional stress on delicate breast tissue.

Bending or Leaning: It's crucial to adopt a slight forward-leaning position while pumping. Why is this important? When you don't lean forward, your breast pump has to work much harder to draw milk from your breast, potentially resulting in inefficient emptying. To optimize your pumping, place a pillow behind you to ensure a comfortable forward lean, using gravity to assist in efficiently emptying your breasts.

Does Position Matter in Pumping?

Absolutely! Your pumping position significantly affects the effectiveness of your pumping session. By leaning slightly forward and leveraging gravity, you can make the process more efficient and comfortable.

Can You Walk Around While Pumping?

Yes, you can! Thanks to innovative solutions like the IMANI breast pump, you can pump on the move with ease. This discreet device comfortably fits inside your bra and contains all the necessary pump parts, making it roughly the size of half a softball. Once attached, you can gently move around, complete household chores, or even work in an office—all while efficiently pumping milk.


In conclusion, understanding the importance of the right pumping position is key to maximizing your milk supply and ensuring a comfortable pumping experience. Avoid pumping while lying down, and instead, embrace the forward-leaning position with the support of a pillow. If you're looking to enhance your pumping routine further, consider innovative solutions like the IMANI breast pump, which empower you to stay active and productive while providing the best for your baby.


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