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IMANI i2Plus iBox 2-in-1 Electric Breast Pump (Handsfree + Hospital Grade)

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Imani i2Plus iBox 2-in-1 Electric Breast Pump (Handsfree + Hospital Grade)


Step into a revolution of ease and luxury with Imani's game-changing breast pump technology innovation: the iBox All-in-One Electric Breast Pump.

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The i2+ iBox stands out with its unique triple pump system that offers you the flexibility to pump two ways: 

(1) combine all 3 motors for hospital-grade performance AND 

(2) use the i2 Plus wearable pump motors for on-the-go pumping. It’s designed to help you express breast milk effectively and maintain your milk supply.


FULL REVIEW by Lily Yeoh Lactation Consultation (Anggugu Breastfeeding Support Group):

The iBox is perfect for any stage of your breastfeeding journey, whether you are a first time or new mom; a breastfeeding mother who is returning to office; or on your six-month and beyond on breastfeeding. 

  • FLEXIBILITY TO PUMP AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO. Get the freedom to maintain your breastfeeding routine where you may be
  • PUMP ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Made smaller and lighter, the i2 Plus wearable pump motors let pump conveniently and discretely
  • CUSTOMIZED PUMPING EXPERIENCE. Tailor your pumping preference and comfort with iBox’s adjustable cycle and vacuum features for both massage and pump modes
  • HOSPITAL-GRADE PERFORMANCE. Enhanced hospital-grade suction power and efficiency that mimics the experience of natural breastfeeding
  • SEAMLESS CHARGING. The iBox offers dual charging capabilities, ensuring that your wearable pumps are always ready for use without any interruptions
  • MADE SAFE FOR BABIES: Made with Essten cups and BPA-free materials, ensuring that the parts touching the milk are free from harmful chemicals for the safety of your baby

 iBox All-in-One Electric Breast Pump (Handsfree + Hospital Grade) (16)


Upgraded i2 Plus (Handsfree Breast Pump)

The i2+ iBox provides a versatile 2-in-1 solution. It functions as a handsfree/wearable option for convenient pumping on the move or at work, and it transforms into a closed system electric pump for use at home. These handsfree breast pumps feature two pumping modes (massage and expression) with 5 suction levels in each mode to enhance milk output.

  • HANDS-FREE. No bottles, wires, and tubes to hold while pumping milk
  • DISCREET. Small, lightweight, compact, wearable, fits inside your bra
  • LED DISPLAY MOTOR. Better visual cue on your pumping session, like time, mode, battery, suction
  • TWO MODES. Massage (stimulate lactation) and Pump (express milk) modes with adjustable vacuum levels 1-5, suction ranging from 50-270 mmHg per mode
  • TEMPORARY PAUSE. Stop and continue at a press of a button
  • ADJUSTABLE TIMER. Adjust the length of your desired pumping session
  • MEMORY. Remembers your last pumping session history
  • SILENT. Emits a quiet, barely there hum
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR. See your milk better with clear cups and visible measuring marks. Made of eco-friendly Essten material
  • ANTI-BACK FLOW DESIGN. Prevents the backflow of milk while pumping
  • BPA-FREE. Safe for mom and baby


imani iBox (Hospital Grade Breast Pump)

By using advanced technology, the iBox can turn into a hospital-grade pump when connected to the included i2 Plus wearable breast pumps. It's specially designed with its own built-in pump, which means the iBox can use the power of three motors. This electric pump has 5 suction levels for massage mode and 9 suction levels for expression mode, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

  • TWO MODES: Massage (stimulate lactation) and Pump (express milk)
  • PERSONALIZED PUMPING SESSION: Adjustable vacuum levels for Massage (Level 1- 5) and Pump (Level 1-9) with maximum power at 270mmHG; adjustable cycle feature for Pump (Level 1-3)
  • AUTO-STOP FOR SAFETY after pumping for 30 minutes
  • LED DISPLAY WITH SMART TOUCH PANEL. Better visual cue on your pumping session
  • USE WITH HANDS-FREE CUPS and can be used as a double or single pump
  • DUAL CHARGING. Can be a charger for imani i2 Plus motors. Able to charge two motors at the same time. Lasts up to 5-6 pumping sessions per full charge.
  • BPA-FREE. Safe for mom and baby



  • iBox cannot be used alone. The iBox only works when the two upgraded i2 Plus motors are placed on the dock
  • The three pump motors in the iBox (which include the two upgraded i2 Plus motors and the iBox motor itself) provide the performance of a hospital-grade pump by working simultaneously
  • The iBox only works when the charging cable is connected to a power outlet
  • Only use the original iBox charging cable; do not substitute with other charging cables
  • The two upgraded i2 Plus motors can only be charged when connected to the iBox. It won’t charge when iBox is being used
  • The existing i2 Plus motors cannot be replaced to the upgraded i2 Plus motors






RECHARGEABLE: i2 Plus (Yes), iBox (No)




MODES: 2 (Massage, Pump)

CUP & CONNECTOR: Essten material


BREAST SHIELD: Silicone material

RUNNING TIME: 3.5 hours (approx.)

CHARGING TIME: 3.5 hours (approx)

AUTO-SHUTOFF: 30 minutes


WEIGHT: 1.65kg




2x i2 Plus Motors

1x Charging Cable

2x Silicone Protector

2x Essten Connector

2x Essten Collection Cup

2x Silicone Valve

2x 21mm/ 19mm / 17mm Insert (Free) - comes with 2x 25mm funnel + 2x  inserts

2x 25mm Funnels (Option: 25/28/32mm) - option 25mm comes with 25mm funnel + free 21mm inserts; option 28mm or 32mm funnels NO insert

2x White cap

1x iBox

1x Y Tubing

IMPORTANT: Read your manual for complete instructions about the iBoxCOMPLETE BREASTFEEDING COMPANION


To determine the correct size, measure the diameter of your nipple (not including areola) and add 2-4mm (after pumping), or 4-6mm (before pumping).

  • Example: 21mm + 4mm = 25mm (This is your size).
  • If you are between sizes, choose the bigger funnel.
  • Refer our blog article for more details:



Care Instructions:

Caring for your imani motor and iBox

  • Keep your always motors always dry and clean
  • Keep your iBox dry and avoid direct contact to sunlight
  • Only use iBox charging cable, do not substitute with other charging cables


Caring for your imani cups*

  • Disassemble the cups and wash all parts with warm soapy water (except motor)
  • Soak in boiled water directly in less than 3 minutes (optional)
  • Air dry completely before assembly
  • Store the cups in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Read the manual for complete instructions
  • Refer our blog article for more details:


* Any prolonged exposure to high heat such as dryers, steam sterilizers, warmers, and microwaves will warp your cups and cause them to not function. Distorted cups caused by the customer’s negligence will be the customer’s sole responsibility.



imani i2+ iBox is covered with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase and registered under the name of the original retail purchaser.

imani breast pumps are single-user pumps. As a result, only the original user is covered under the warranty. The warranty is non-transferable, non-negotiable, or non-assignable to a third party.

The iBox ID is tied to the warranty of the two i2 Plus Serial Numbers.

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