• Nipple butter balm

TNTN MOM'S Nipple Butter Balm (Expiry July 2024)

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【Korea】TNTN MOM'S Nipple Butter Cream - Nipple Cream, Lanolin-Free, Sore Dry & Cracked Nipples, Moisturizer, Cream


tntn mom's Nipple Butter Cream


✔ Lanolin-free

✔ All made in Korea, with 100% Korea ingredients

✔ Imported from Korea

✔ 100% Natural & Plant-Based

✔ Must-have for breastfeeding mothers / Lactation consultant

✔ READY STOCK in Singapore




✔ A soothing nipple cream made with 100% Natural & Botanical-rich herbal ingredients

✔ Contains No even a drop of water  during the breastfeeding period to its moisture balance, as well as to help reinforce the natural barrier properties.

✔ Vegan-free, Allergy-free, 100% safe for nursing mum

✔ Natural remedy for sore nipples, lips, dry skin, breast pump lubricant

✔ 100% vegetable, botanical-rich herbal ingredients without adding a drop of water

✔ Natural remedy for sore nipples, lips, dry skin, breast pump lubricant




✔ Sooth, soften, and hydrate nipples to avoid discomfort of breastfeeding.

✔ Helps replenish sore, dried and injured nipples

✔ Prevent and relieve dry and crack nipples

✔ Intensive moisturize / Long Last Moisturization

✔ Vegan Certification : Not include any animal driven ingredients

✔ Formulated to soothe, moisturize, repair, heal

✔ No sticky residue: spreads on easily without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.




✔ Safe for Baby: Petroleum Free, Lanolin Free. Paraben-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free

✔ Formulated EWG ALL GREEN grade

✔ Certificated Vegan product: Not contain any animal driven ingredients

✔ Dermatology tested with Excellent Grade, 100% safe to be used

✔ Awarded Ideal Product in 2021 Seoul Award

✔ Manufactured by EVE VEGAN certified factory




1. Apply appropriate amount onto nipple and leave to absorb.

2. Do not need to wash or wipe off. Wipe off before breastfeeding is recommended.

3. Apply after each breastfeeding / breast pumping for greater effect.



😊WEIGHT: 25g



For external use only. Do not use it on skin cuts, eczema, and dermatitis. Recommended doing a patch test before use. If skin irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician. Store it beyond the reach of children and in a cool dry place at room temperature.


Expiry Date: July 2024